Mutton stew

We are lucky enough to be able to get our hands on good mutton.. And after all that chicken something needs to change!

Mutton is a great meat yet does need a lot of cooking.. So is very suited for a stew..

These chops were lovely..


Leave some fat on yet unfortunately unlike lamb that just melts away its rind and fat mutton doesn’t seem to do so.. That’s cool though!

Fried off on one side..


Into the crockpot /slo cooker.. With onion, carrots, celery, seasoning .. Veal jus powder , anchovy sauce, a little barley and split peas.. Potatoes, those wonderful harlequin ones.. They are like a cross between pink fir and another.. I forget yet they are lovely!

Caper berries as they go great with mutton.. And a can of big marrowfat peas..


Cooked a full day.. Left to hang out in the fridge then cooked a full day again.


Melty meaty muttony greatness!

Served up with a granny pan style cottage roll..


Proper food hugs off this one..

And noses sniffing the air!


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  1. I grew up on mutton. Effing love it!

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  2. My word, what would I do with that plate of mutton stew before me Mr. Fitz? I can only dream I guess. Love it! I think you’ll enjoy my post on WP today, take a look see :). My sis in England will be visiting me soon, and she says that cook-off gatherings aren’t so popular in the UK (except on television), she wants me to do one for her when she visits. I invented a new one 🙂


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