Scottish style supper ( wasn’t great!)..

Having missed burns night.. My attorney made haggis .. He sent me a kit also with the OX bung and all yet I didn’t get time to go to the butchers for the meats..

Yet I fancied a scottish style supper type thing.

So a type of Lorne sausage I thought..

Pork and beef mince..with coriander, salt ,pepper, salt and oats..


Mushed up good with some ice water..


Into a loaf tin and into the freezer to harden up before cutting into slices..


That should provide great scottish style Lorne sausage..

I don’t really eat turnips.. Yet thought that boiling them up with swede would be tres authentique ..


Some whipped potatoes.. All sloppy and buttery..


And fried off the sausage slices..


Served up with peas and a whiskey creamy peppercorny sauce ( found in the cupboard .. Yet not outta date !)..


Now that should have been a good supper.. I say should ..


The turnip and swede mash was just watery.. It seems that simply boiling and mashing then doesn’t work.. A turn-up ( ahem).. For the books..

The oats in the Lorne hadn’t softened .. Very chewy..

The whipped spuds were ok.. Yet ruined a little by that sauce..

I think maybe they were the wrong oats perhaps.. And after a conversation with my attorney today I wish I hadn’t been grumpy enough to throw all that meaty oatey thing out.. As I could have stuffed it into the ox bung and given it a steam.. Those oats would have been perfect then..

Ahh well it doesn’t always work out huh?

As my pal JG says ..

Would I make this again?

Not a hope..

Nah NOPE no no no..

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  1. Aw dear! You normally make mouth watering meat feasts! I am not a fan of turnip either! Shame on you throwing away the rest!!!

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  2. I was getting all excited about the sausages – I am dying to make my own someday – and then this! What a pity, Mr Fitz. But then, the best-laid schemes of mice and men and all that …

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