Homemade kebab / yiros / gyros / kebab

Time to make more kebob or yiros or gyros or kebab or doner ( which I have never liked the term doner for a meat product, just doesn’t sit right!!!

Well Mr Fitz kebab is pretty famous now.. Round these parts anyways ! X

Taken beef and pork meat, rather than the more traditional lamb or mutton, yet still popular, minced it then into the Jamie Oliver processor,, whizzed up with the secret blend of herbs and spices.. This time a few more chillies than usual also a smack of Lebanese 5 spice mix..

Once proper mushed up, spooned into a loaf tin, pressed and placed into a 200 degree oven for 25 mins. Then turned out and cooked for a further 30 mins.

Wrapped up all shimmery in foil. And tucked into a fluffy towel to be all snug and warm ….. X

Once left for at least 5 hours to cool and meld all those flavours together popped into the fridge to cool for slicing. Is 5 hours really necessary? Probably not!! Yet it just seems to work for me..

Sliced up on the slicer. Snacked on, bit chilli riffick! this puppy … Ho hum. The addition of a cooling sauce will do the trick..

Vac packed ready for its runway to the plates. Will keep for ages now it’s vac packed and makes the perfect Scooby snack when required, just simply heat pitta and by the time it’s hot the pierced in three places vac packed kebab that has gone ping in a minute, yup a minute on high.. Will be jolly nice indeed x






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  1. That looks really good! Kind of like kebab meatloaf, and I love both!


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