Lebanese style Barnsley chops?

I am calling these Lebanese style Barnsley chops quite simply as they have been marinating for two days in pimped up Mrs Middletons oil, pimped with a wonderful Lebanese dried herb mix who’s name escapes me! Hmmm sabzi something.. Ah we’ll never mind.. Onto the supper!

First the chops: I like lamb chops, particularly when grilled slightly charred yet still sweet and giving.. A great gift to us from the gods!!! ( or the farmers and butchers x)

These are Barnsley chops. Not sure what you would call them elsewhere? Saddle chops perhaps?? Basically It Means you get a double chop… And that double the fun right? Yay x

You can slit em and make a pocket to stuff, have just reminded myself of that!! And when they are reduced by half from your store butcher and of very good quality… You just gotta buy four for two.. People and money that is!!

So, marinated in the pimped Lebanese herbs Mrs Middletons oil , some garlic salt and some chilli flakes, two days no real need for two days that’s just how our suppers ended up…

Mrs Fitz kindly browned them off for me x

I sliced up some Charlotte spuds bought pre Christmas stored in the shed.. Am thinking of my pal Jack and the sauce he made to go with his lamb chops the other day.. So kinda following that added balsamic vinegar, chicken stock, onion powder, garlic powder to the potatoes and the pan drippings from browning the lamb… I have to admit am kinda winging this, yet it’s working baby, we starting to fly!!

Covered loosely with tin foil and into the oven at 250 degrees.. Hot hot hot! Gave them a while.. Sauce bubbling, placed chops on the rack above and let the drip goodness all over the spuds below..

The kitchen is smelling sublime!!!

Served simply with French green beans.. A jolly Nic supper and a great way of doing the spuds.. That’s a keeper for sure.. Try them and let me know how you get on x

And some lychees for desert






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  1. In Scotland we call them ‘Chump’ chops! X

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