It’s gyros time!! Kebab, kebob, doner

It’s that time again..

Time to make delicious gyros once again .. Just in case you are not sure on the drill.. You could check out all my other posts on this full on fakeaway ..

Or ..


Take the meat. Pork and beef this time around.. Add the secret Mr Fitz blend of rusk and seasonings ..

Blitz in the processor till it turns into a paste.. Spoon out into loaf tin and press well to eliminate any air pockets..

Bake at 180 (real money) degrees for 30 minutes.. Turn out and bake again for another 30 minutes..

Steal a piece from each end. Cooks rights declared here!!

Run it through the bacon slicer..

Chop in half in piles.. For that authentic look..

Vac PAC.. These suckers are now ready to be stored for over a month..

When you want to eat them just allow chef ping ping one minute on high ..

Same time it will take for the frozen pitta to toast ..

Fill with salad and sauces.. I suggest Mr Fitz secret kebab sauce.. Ketchup , mint sauce , chilli and a splash of milk .. More ketchup than mint sauce.. Try it and get your proportions right.. Or if you happen to have access to takeaway sachets.. The. It’s 3 sachets of ketchup, one of mint sauce and one or two of those tiny milk cartons.. Shhhhh ..








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5 replies

  1. So I saw this post after work…and it made me crave a gyro so badly I went out and bought one for my dinner. I’m pretty sure yours was much better than mine. The one I had didn’t have the secret Fitz blend, that’s for sure!


  2. Dear Mr. Fitz, You’ve inspired me this morning. Since your spices are secret, I used google to find what might be tasty spices for gyro kebab, and well, it smells really nice, sitting in the fridge waiting for the seasonings to mingle. We are looking forward to putting it in the oven so that the aroma can flow through the house. Venison and beef because I was out of pork (I know, it’s got to be a crime of sorts). Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Thank you for your posts tempting my taste buds each morning!!


    • Well thank you very much indeedo !! I reckon venison would be v cool , although a little ‘deer’ hahahahahaha .. Really looking forward to reading your post on it.. Thanks again Mr Fitz



  1. Inspired by Mr. Fitz, trying something new | mydiabetesandme

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