Chinese beef curry ..

There is something about Chinese curry.. Much sweeter and deeper than Indian perhaps? ( someone is going to tell me different right?) ..

A little hotter than Japanese curry, the kind used for Katsu curry.. And boy do I like that! Crispy chicken tenders with the katsu sauce on top .. Yummy doodle doo!

Yet tonites supper is NOT katsu curry although am starting to wonder why now.. Hmm ..

It’s chinese beef curry..

Taken some skirt beef and dusted it with ground papaya .. This naturally tenders the meat with no extra flavour imparted.. It’s a great trick.. From my mountaineering days., (ahem ).. Brilliant for cooking at high altitude,, And makes all meats super soft.. Just don’t leave it too long as may disintegrate!!

A bit like that school science test where you left tan old tooth in coca cola till the tooth disappeared! Remember that?

Chopped shallots, ginger, red chilli and garlic.. A can of mixed Chinese mushrooms.. Good they are in the can..

Some spring chives from the garden.. And a jar of Chinese curry paste.. No time for super spices here today.. And these jars are an excellent store cupboard tool.. Do try them they have taken most if the base work away for you.. Just pimp them up with fresh stuff!

Dusted the now super tender meat in cornflower .. Fried in mrs Middletons rapeseed oil. Taken out of the wok.

Shallots back in then the mushrooms, then the rest .. Finishing with the jar and 100 ml of chicken stock..

Let it bubble away.. Once cooked reserve..

The noodles easy.. Have gone for soft medium chilli noodles as they were in the cupboard and we are still on use up mode!

Simply fried in the wok .. A little sesame oil at the end.

That’s it! A fabulous Chinese beef curry with chilli noodle supper

If I knew how to say Bon appetite in Chinese I might end the post that way..








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4 replies

  1. Love the ground papaya trick. I’m going to have to Google that and get my hands on some. Next you’ll have to try Vietnamese curry. So delish!


  2. Kudos to you! Looks fantastic.


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