La Tasca lunch

Met a pal today for lunch..

Don’t often do that so was a nice change.. Or was it.. Ahhhh hmmmm!

Well it was great to catch up with the pal and share some thoughts…

We were going to eat in Coal , a grill type place yet to be fair the menu wasn’t taking my fancy .. I think unfortunately when you have been lucky enough to eat ‘proper’ grill food it becomes tough to go to a regular chain grill joint.. Right?

So decided on las Tasca .. A Spanish style place.. Although as my pal is actually Spanish this could be interesting!

Went for a selection of tapas, pardon peppers even though they aren’t in season so interesting as to how they have them .. Our server couldn’t tell us where they come from apart from saying they come in a bag.. Ah well.. they didn’t taste the greatest anyways..

A tortilla of two slices.. Chef ping ping musta helped out here..

Battered white fish.. That was ok.. Not greasy..

Chorizo fried on the plancha.. I’ve had much tastier to be honest.. Although was ok..

Belly pork with rosemary scented beans.. That was nice.. Big lump also!

And ‘angry eggs’ .. Turns out it’s skinny fries with patas bravas sauce and a fried egg on top.. Posh egg and chips.. Yet a dish I would for sure have again!! Great skinny fries!

The service was ok.. There were only four others in at the time although I think there was a big party upstairs..

The cost? Well my pal paid which was kind of her.. Yet I don’t think it was that good value.. That’s what you get in a chain I suppose .. ?

Desert? Churros and a cheesecake.. Cake good .. Churros not the super tasty street snack you may know and love.. And I think they were fried in the same oil as the fries perhaps?

Would I go back.?

Sorry no ..






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