Much room for lunch?

In use up mode .. What is the big white box offering me??

The last of the Turkish pepper.. A white onion.. Some marinated mushrooms .. Some Jack cheese..

Right.. That’s it..

Fried off the onion and pepper.. Added the marinated mushrooms.. Can’t recall what I marinated them in!! They are smelling good though..

Aha! Also have a lite sweet rocket growing in the garden so I picked a few leaves and chopped them up..

Found two red choice tomatoes in the bottom of the salad crisper.. Chopped also..

The top freezer donated a pitta from the warbuton family.. Cool.. Toasted it.. Split and a smuckering of chermoula paste .. A slice of Jack cheese and piled the mushroom, onion, pepper, tomato, sweet rocket mix into the pittas..

Seemed to have gone down well.. I finished off the duck and rice..






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  1. That looks fabulous!! I’m loving your leftover creations!! There must be a depth of flavor like we couldn’t believe!! Wonderful post! 🙂


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