vegetarian recipe

Potato gratin??? Nooop!

While picking up the evenings libations Mrs Fitz also picked up a handy recipe for potato gratin ala coop recipe card.. After deciding that this would be a perfect dish to accompany the lamb supper we had planned.. Followed it… Read More ›

Much room for lunch?

In use up mode .. What is the big white box offering me?? The last of the Turkish pepper.. A white onion.. Some marinated mushrooms .. Some Jack cheese.. Right.. That’s it.. Fried off the onion and pepper.. Added the… Read More ›

Vege Fal-laf-fals.. Yum!

I forget how much I like eating them.. The crunchy exterior giving way to the soft chewy herby, spicy interior.. Really quite lovely, and the array of additions! Sheesh! A little something tart always goes good.. As well as a… Read More ›