Vege Fal-laf-fals.. Yum!

I forget how much I like eating them.. The crunchy exterior giving way to the soft chewy herby, spicy interior.. Really quite lovely, and the array of additions! Sheesh! A little something tart always goes good.. As well as a smear of rose harissa, homous and real fine salad dressed in a lemony dressing.. The beetroot addition stained my fingers.. (As always), and I as I tap this post, I have to remember that its beetroot stains! Oooh and always remember that you had eaten beetroot just prior to peeing.. Good tip that! X

So: it actually takes longer to fine chop the salad, wander into the garden to pick the chives and to warm the breads than it does to make fresh falafal’s! (From a really good store bought mix.. The addition of lebanese seven spice just makes this sing!) . Heat the oil.. Sunflower in this case, trying to stay away from corn.. Make small ‘cylinders’ or ‘spheres’ from the mix.. And quick as you can say lickitysplit.. They need turning and are done!

Assemble as per your fancy.. Eat.. Stain ya fingers.. Take a seat on your couch post-eating.. Smile as you drift into another heady world of exotic spice and flavors.. X

(Oh and a pic of Mr Wentworth as he really does grow!! ) X

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