Sausage rolls

I LOVE good sausage rolls x crumbly pastry giving way to porky pepperery herby juicy meat.. Shame there are so many bad variants.. Why do that? Its pretty simple no?

Pastry meets meats.. (‘meets meats’ sounds funny x)

Take ya pastry.. (Thanks Mrs Fitz for helping me out there! X)

I like to mix a little stuffing into the good quality yet not too high a protein content sausage mix.. I think it adds a little summat.. A good pich of some mixed herbs.. A great twist of bristol blend pepper..

Little bit messy the next bit.. Line up the mix in the pastry.. And roll.. Hence sausage roll!!!
Brush with beaten egg.. Bake at 200 till golden and brown.. Put on wire rack to cool.. Eat.. Eat .. Eat!!! X I like mine with good ketchup.. Mrs Fitz likes Thai chili sauce..

Hot or cold.. Sausage rolls are cool.. FACT!x

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  1. Homemade sausage rolls, look great. Very simple recipe as well. Thanks for deciding tomorrow’s lunch for me.


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