Falafel = not made often enough!

I forget how much I enjoy falafel… The crisp shell giving way to a herby spiced softy middle.. Served with crunchy salad and soft leaves .. With lovely tahini dressing and a drop of hot sauce.. It’s a great meal as well as a great pit stop snack..

I think the biggest thing is that it’s a good way of making me eat salad and pitta.. And skipping the ‘flesh’ for a moment..

They are so easy too.. Ok there is lots if talk about dried broad bean versions along with many other recipes.

Yet mine today is a simple one, simple indeed..

Taking a base of a packet mix of falafel , adding some more herbs and some pomegranate powder. Mixing with water and leaving it to stand whilst the mrs Middletons oil heats up..

For the salad.. Finely chopped red onion, some red pepper, shredded carrot, mint and parsley.. Also some soft mixed sweet leaves

No dressing here.. The tahini dressing will do that .

Toasted pitta , split when puffy stuffed with the salad and the now cooked till golden falafel balls

Drizzled with tahini dressing, a splash of chola hot sauce and topped with a pickled Turkish pepper..

And yup! I do indeed forget how much I like fresh falafel!!!

Must write that down somewhere.. Hmmm x

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  1. Hey there! I saw that you re-followed This is Thirty and just wanted to let you know I’m not blogging there any more! My new blog is at http://www.theglutenfreetreadmill.com

    This looks delicious!


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