My birthday eve & Auntie Nirmla Benji part two..

Ok.. It’s my birthday eve.. Anything special planned?

Hmm gonna go see Ian the butcher ..

See if he can hook me up a piece of something sweet for supper…

In the meantime went to visit mama, and there was auntie tailoring away on the hand machine.. Perfect timing .. 3 pairs of pants.. Need the legs sorting out.. And two sports coats need the arms shortening.. ( am I shrinking?)..,

Mama made the atta flour ready for the parathas , then Auntie Nirmla Benji stepped up to the plate and batted them straight out of the park!!

Rolled out the dough , heap in the beautiful potato onion coriander and spiced mixture.. Roll again and place onto the iron plate .. Till crisp with the help of some sunflower oil..

Served today with some carrots of fire pickle from Pauls Pickles., perfect accompianiant to this mid morning snackarooney ..

Thank Auntie !! Thanks Mama

Perfect start to birthday eve!








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