It’s a dogs dinner! Or a dogs life?!

Right.. Outta dog food.. Well not out out per say . Yet the hounds are being fussy.. Oh no longer the super organic all bio superfood that costs more per can than a clowns happy meal.. Nor the super whole food and herbs you never thought they grew enough if leg alone the botanicals . Oh no., just not good enough.. Not good enough AT ALL!!

Humph ..

So.. What to do? Well I had some organic chicken breasts that I had taken out ready to make Chinese chicken balls.. You know th comes right? The crisp outta shell the almost donut like ring around the still succulent chicken.. Served with a spiky vinegary sugary sweet and sour sauce.. Off the chart when done well. Real nasty when poor!!

Ok.. Scrap that dream .. Poof! (That’s the sound of it disappearing.. ) ..


It’s now the main ingredient in the dogs dinner .. Yeah you read that right. .. Mr Wentworth and Cora Murleys supper for two..

Fried in pimped mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil.. Addition of some white and brown basmati rice , courtesy of the one and only uncle Ben. . Cooked through. A splash of nam Pla to season..

Left to cool , and empty bowls ..


Left over cottage pie..

Go figure huh.?







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4 replies

  1. The fur babies are so happy!


  2. I’d eat that. I’m sure you mustu have. You wouldn’t give anything to your pups you wouldn’t eat yourself. I knew you. 😉


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