The Grill..Gyros doner

‎Ok.. some am home alone.. Mr Wentworth snoozing after his playdate..

Am peckish.. hmmm..ok start googling.. I want Gyros.. or doner as it’s more often called in the UK..

Not feeling any of them..


The Grill..

It’s ‎ on the side of the road.. and pretty darn authentic! Sun just setting.. they gave a me a table outside.. it’s like sitting on vacation!

Good gyros.. as good as it gets.. I suppose.. yet fresh and served nicely.. Alberto (his brother owns the place) comes and sits outside with me.. he takes a coffee.. me my gyros.. the sun is setting.. the sound of the traffic passing.. is cool!

If you passing through here.. try it.. the inside is lovely.. not pretentious.. just honest..

The ‘other’ foods on offer are looking good also.. a med spread.. a real gem this place..glad to have become acquainted with it..

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  1. Where is this? 

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  2. But the link is waste of time. Suggest give phone number or gps or whatever.

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