Sunday pub lunch, The White Hart Sherington

‎Home alone.. well of course with Mr Wentworth.. yet not with Mrs Fitz.. she still in her homeland.. home tomorrow!! Yay! X

So decided to treat meself to a Sunday roast in a pub.. naturally this can pose a problem sometimes.. trying to find a good un.. no mickeywave nor boilin the bag.. first three pubs I tried.. nopem no good.. it’s great when you can see what others are eating first!.. so in true fashion made my excuses and left..

Few phone calls to some pals.. and a call to Father to get on some digital research and I have arrived.. The White Hart in sherington‎, bit of a bugger to find.. yet In a quintessential English village.. and it’s busy.. with helpful staff.. it’s busy yet in a nice vibe way.. man they must be making their cashola.. and having just paid 14:50 gbp.. for a roast beef lunch *nd a pint of Lion IPA.. it better be good! X

Ok it’s arrived.. looks good although could do have done with the beef being a bit rarer.. like much rarer.. yet I suppose you gotta be careful in the suing culture these days!

Horseradish sauce.. given to me in an unopened jar.. don’t people have horseradish here..‎??

Anyhoo.. unbuttered veg.. fresh yet no butter? Or even some oil? Really? You ever tried eating veg like that.. feck! Still I had two carrot pieces and half a bit of cauli.. just to show willing..

Was it a winner? Well I am happy it’s done what I needed it to do.. and done it pretty well.. would I have it again? Possibly.. yet you can’t beat Mrs Fitz roasties.. in fact next weekend am on it.. weather dependent of course! (it’s hard eating an English roast lunch in the heat! X)

Am waiting on the dessert.. if you gonna treat ya-self.. well..

Decided on the summer fruit crumble.. not bad.. too hot though.. !!

Total bill? Just shy of twenty English pounds.. worth it? Not quite L’Oréal baby x

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