Kebab , Kebob, Gyros, WONDERFUL!

After feeling kinda ‘heavy’ with a barrage of red meats.. it was time to chill it down a little.. a little mind you.. x

Been a while since we had Mr Fitz Kebob.. so after whizzing up the pork and beef mix.. traditional.. Lamb and Mutton you say? Well yes yet also a keen Gyros is the pork and beef version.. ‎and works good too!

Secret Mr Fitz spices, herbs and crumbs.. blended.. spooned into a loaf tin..

Baked at 175 for 25 mins.. the turned out and baked for another 30 minutes..

Fat (minimal) drained off.. wrapped in catering foil.. and a tea towel.. stays warm for over 3 hours!!

Run through the bacon slicer.. when cool enough for it not to break.. and double chopped for that just carved effect!

Served with pitta pockets from the ‘W’ family..

And a chopped salad.. with the last of the delightful roscoff onions.. frickin delicious them..

Salad anointed with mint and parsley from the ice-box‎..

Sauces of ‎Ranch and Smuggled Lanzarote MOJO sauce.. a wonderful clean tasting supper.. really really delicious.. x

And for Mr Wentworth and Cora Murley? Lily’s Christmas supper.. with venison biscuits..‎ went down awfully well x

Nite nite x

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