Robbie Williams and Room service

Well Mrs Fitz is a happy bunny.. We went to the opening night of Robbie Williams new swing concert..

I have to say that Budapest does concerts very well! Everyone was polite, no jostling, drunks, fake merchandisers , crap food stalls. It was a dream!

And although not my cup of tea the show was tremendous ! They even had an intermission! This performance has a Vegas show written all over it for sure. .. I will eat a nacho hat with salsa if that doesn’t come true!

Once the show was over we headed back to the royal Corinthia .. A mix up with our return car from the concert meant that there was a very nice bottle of vino waiting for us. I have to say it again .. The service in this hotel is second to none.. It truly is fantastic!

Hungry now.. Mrs Fitz still buzzing from the concert . So room service it is.. What better than a burger and fries at this time of night?

Was up to us in twenty minutes.. Fresh cooked patty, Good bun. Nice fries.. Happy puppies .. Slept like a baby, ( why do people say that?) .. Ok slept like a hibernating bear.. (Melatonin may have played a part in this!) There you go.. That’s much better!





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