Budapest lounge & British Airways food

Time to go home..

What a wonderful time was have had in Budapest.. A place that if you haven’t visited you really should , and if you have then you must return.

So after checking out of the fantastic Corinthia hotel. And being whisked away by black car to the airport..

It’s into the lounge we go.. Oh! I must mention here that Mrs Fitz got given seat 1A! Cool huh?

The lounge we are at Budapest is one of these shared lounges.. So many airlines offer it. It seems to be in a new part of the airport? Anyhoo it’s quite nice indeed!

Pleasant arrival and a decent selection of wines, spirits and bubbles. All self serve, best way that! Plus a decent selection of fresh breads. , salamis, cheeses and soups.. Candys and fruits ..

The wifi is good also so a decent place to chill before the flight. .

And the flight? Did I mention that Mrs Fitz got seat 1A? Oh I did? Apologies.

I like to order a child’s meal when possible on a plane.. Many airlines have stopped you doing this now .. (As an adult that is!) . Yet on BA you can still do it. Why do this? I just find that the planer (sorry!) food in the child selection is easier sometimes when travelling.. And you always seem to get a good selection of stuff! As I suppose they don’t know what the child will eat?

You always get a funny look when the people come out to serve the food.. Like they are actually looking for a kid. Yeah they hit a big kid here! And one that would like champagne with his child’s meal thank you muchly ..!

Mrs Fitz had the chicken with polenta that she said was very nice indeed. . It did look rather nice I must agree ..

The journey was fine although I don’t get why there is no entertainment offered when the flight is over two hours long? Luckily we always bring our own movies and shows and music.. Thank the tech gods for that progress!

Home now .. It’s nice to be home, travelling is cool yet home is neat too x







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