Homely cottage pie

We are home.. And it’s great to be back!

Travelling sure is nice yet sometimes home is just slightly better ..

Am what more homely than a Mrs Fitz cottage pie ..

Lucky we had a reserve number in the top freezer.. So with a small amount of defrosting we’d have a great homecoming supper ..

To fancy pants it up?

Over the top , off the click mash ..

Boiled spuds .. Polish Butter .. A duck egg yolk .. Seasoning, horse radish sauce and piped over the top .. Should have let it set a while yet darn we were hungry!

Piped the mashy over the mix .. Always a good plan to keep done in reserve for these moments ..

I have to say it was mad rich.. Mad indeedo!

Delicious though ..

Oh! Forgot to say.. I also got some turkey eggs from a chap.. More about them soon . Turkey eggs? Yeah really x







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2 replies

  1. That looks so good. I love a good cottage/shepherd’s pie 🙂


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