Topside of beef for Mrs Fitz

Still trying to eat our way through the stored /hoarded supplies we have.

This was the turn of a piece of topside.. Mid week roasts are cool.

Had mailed my attorney a picture of it and asked suggestions. He came up with some serious contenders indeed .. The marinated in black treacle standing out particularly . Yet I didn’t have the 24 hrs required for the job.. (I do though have another piece if beef that will be getting that treatment for sure!)

Decided to simply roast it. Dressed in chilli salt and pepper .. Simple..

Following the 20 minute blast technique .. Then reducing power for the easy measure of 15 minutes per 500 grams .. Works every time!

Mrs Fitz had kindly peeled and parboiled the king Edward spuds.. So they could cool down. Just simply anointing them with some of Mrs Middletons rapeseed oil.. Into the oven under the meat. To let all them juices drip drop drip down..

To serve with?

Gotta be Yorkshire puddings! Made the batter adding kalonji seeds and herb de Provence .. Into the top oven in heated oil to raise away.. I was happy with how they turned out yet I really do need to get myself a new Yorkshire pudding tin.. As I am using a muffin tin and it does take longer and produce a slightly more cakey kinda finish..

Find French beans, petit pois and a gravy found in the freezer were the finalists in this topside comp.

Nice dinner.. Good mid-week roast







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