Sausages sausages sausages (& burgers)

Had to write the title that often of this post as it was another mammoth sausage making carnival in the Mr Fitz kitchen ..

It’s a long weekend here so I had a few orders to fulfil.. I think people are hoping for a sunny weekend for BBQs .. Not sure it usually rains on a long weekend!!

So off to see the master butcher Dave.. Had already placed the order so that was cool. As ever he was extra pleasant ! Got some lamb bones for the hounds whilst there.. A gift from uncle Dave.. Kept them busy while the kitchen turned into a processing plant!

So hog casings for the chorizo and Toulouse style . Oh and some old dubliner also..

You really do have to get into making your own sausages, you don’t have to make as many as I do!! Once you are there no going back.. I promise you!

Blended and stuffed into the hog casings . Twisted and hung to settle on the kitchen cabinets . ( thank goodness Mrs Fitz was out huh!?) ha ha ha x

Lamb casings for a few more old dubliners.. I really like the lamb casings.. They create a fantastic ‘snap’ to the banger.. And also a North African lamb number.. Loosely based on the wonderful merguez.. Stunning!

The kitchen was now smelling pretty strong of meat products.. Yet thank the gods for the gift of bones.. The hounds were now snoring away!

Also gone for burgers.. Both beef and venison.. These were on request and I must say that they look and smell mighty delicious indeedo! And we a know that home made burgers are the bestest!

This was becoming a mammoth task.. Like a seriously mammoth task! Sheesh.. Sometimes when you think you had a gooey eyed deer. Ahh well..

So.. Stamped out a heap of these beauties.. I must admit to have developed a knack for getting the weight of these pretty spot on !

Now.. Here is a meat fiesta happening! Perfect gifts for a fiesta Friday., problem is . They need vac packing !

After a chill out .. I entered the next stage of production! A heap of packing!

It’s worth it though. Does make a difference in look and freshness ..

All done ! Frickin loads !!!

Ok.. Off to deliver now.. And have made people very happy.. So that’s always a neat thing in my book.. And also got my meat investment back .. It is always a worry when you do this kinda thing as a hobby.. Hobbies always cost you cashola!

At least I know that there should be a heap of happy people this weekend..

And I wish you all the happiest weekend also..

Happy fiesta Friday.. And happy long weekend for those that have it.

Tired now..








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9 replies

  1. That’s one massive meat operation going on. I now feel wimpish as I’ve just cooked veggie sausages for tomorrow – and I’m not even vegetarian! And I’ve yet to try venison. I’m sure I would love it as I like most game. What a hobby you have there!


  2. Wow, talk about a meat-fest or meat fiesta! If I was in your area, we would be putting in an order. As itis, I’ll be imagining what the sausages and burgers taste like. Thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday!



  1. Fiesta Friday #14 and Fiesta Friday Challenge #1 | The Novice Gardener

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