Home made burgers are Tina turner


Ha ha ha.. C’mon you know that you cannot beat a homemade burger. Every ‘gourmet’ burger chain tries to replicate what we are all very good at making .. Ok for sure there are sometimes a few scares … Yet don’t they just add to the magic? The ones that fall through the grill? Or the ones where you thought that the strange thing you thought would be an extra seasoning just does not work.

All that is cool though.. As when you bite into that wonderful juicy (hopefully !) meaty delight .. It just makes you smile.. Burgers are cool..

Like Johnny depp cool ..

Couldn’t decide whether to turn these into Wendy’s style square flat ones .. Or try making a lovely rosette with the cutter.. The cutter failed me..

So little patties we got … With some pommes frites ..

Jolly nice . Jolly nice indeedy .. Am very pleased that my Mr Fitz burgers are the bomb.. Like seriously the bomb ..

Hope all those people that swapped pints and prizes for there share of the meat fest carney that happened enjoy them too.. It’s sunny so let’s see if they fall through the grill!

( did I mention the delicious chinese lunch I had with a pal? No? Well that was cool too! )

Happy eating ..






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