Proper bacon sarnie..middle bacon

Inspired by my attorney’s picture message to me showing me his by the seaside breakfast..

.. IMG_8121.JPG

I just had to have a bacon buttie..

No ordinary bacon though.. Ooh no Monsieur ..

This is proper middle bacon.. That rare gem of bacon that is just so hard to find,!! Unless of course you use a great butcher like my pal Ian in earls barton..

I do wonder though why you just cannot freely get it? It’s that wonderful thing of having, like all the bacony pieces in one piece!! Brilliant!

Whoever invented that needs a medal or two. And a great fist bump .. Ahem..


Simply fried .. Into fresh warbuton families farmhouse.. With a smear if stokes red.. For me a bacon sarnie needs red..



Very enjoyable..

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7 replies

  1. Dude – this is my Saturday morning in a box!!! When I finally check out I wanna be buried in a bacon sarnie!!


  2. Odd, that is how they sell almost all of the bacon over here in Australia. Sadly I am not a big bacon fan. Bacon in South Africa, now that is something else! Love it. Not idea what they do different to over here but it makes a hell of a difference, whatever it is.


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