Lamb & spinach curry & Lebanese puffys

We had some friends popping by tonite.. Just on their way through whilst travelling.. I cannot let people pass through our house without feeding them!

So a ‘help yourself , family style’ offering was required..

Lamb and spinach curry is the answer..

White onions sliced and fried in desi ghee.. That amazing ghee that comes from the Punjab cows.. All the way from there to my kitchen..

Red ticket defrosted diced lamb added.. Frozen organic spinach added..

A tin of excellent Italian tomatoes.. A helping hand from the pataks family.. and of course a bunch of spices from the store cupboards.. All kinds!! IMG_8105.JPG


In the words of the late great Bob Marley.. left to simmer down ..

The Lebanese puffys?

A dough of strong Canadian wholemeal flour with some plain too.. A pinch of baking powder, a pinch of salt, a pinch of golden syrup sugar and a sprinkle of yeast from the fridge.. Left to rise.. Didn’t actually rise that much.. Ah well you learn!!

Stretched and ghormet sabzi herbs added,, dried.. (That’s the Lebanese bit by the way !)

Cut and expertly rolled by Mrs Fitz..

Into the uncle bens wok in sunflower oil. Quickly until puffy!!



An Arabic salad of Isle of Man pink blush tomatoes and new season roscoff onions.. The Arabic bit?

The seasoning..


And all served up in a help yourself fashion.. They seemed to have loved it.. And how lovely to set them off on their travels with a belly full of food..


Safe travels Thomas and Phil..

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