I cannot remember where I saw or heard of these.. I do know I have never made them though!

Where to begin?

By making the dough .. The tried and tested flatbread numbers..


Whilst it’s rising, time to raid the fridge for the taco chicken mix.. it’s leftover buttered miso chicken.. Shredded and taco spices added.. red onion and new season roscoff onions sliced.. the remainder of the jar of peppers rinsed .. one if those Chinese garlic single clove thingy-me-bobs.. and some fresh rosemary ..



Now.. Get those puffys on!!

Rolled out.. And with sunflower oil heated in the uncle bens wok..

In go the breads… Get the ‘puffy a’ bit now?

Flip em over and fold them and drain on ikea brown paper .. Repeat till out of dough!!


They remind me of very good pooris those wonderful flatbreads that used to be a special treat when I was a child.. I also guess that these would be delicious with those Lebanese herbs.. Sabzhi pollo maybe? Either way these are delicious.. Like really delicious!!

With the taco chicken on top.. some crispy iceberg and ridged cucumber.. a drop of sour cream .. and a splidge of cholula hot sauce..



you haveto try these !!

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5 replies

  1. Yum, they look like crispy clouds of golden joy! I will be trying these.


  2. They look so good, do you use your flatbread recipe for the puffy’s?


  3. Oh they look fab! I’ve not had much success with fried bread things. Will need to re visit them!!


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