Forty three festive lamb chops ‘pie’

Forty three? Hmm maybe forty five or more.. either way there was a heap.. why so many? Leftovers from a catering gig!

First the potatoes, chermoula paste smudged all over the slices..

Chopped garlic and some caper juice too..

Then the choppies..

Pre marinated in a chimichurri-esque marinade.. 

pan fried to get them started.. then interleaved with slices of potato.. 

into the oven on low.. coveted with foil .. oh! And some chicken stock.. just a little. 

This is one of those dishes that makes the kitchen smell really rather delightful! 

Simple supper.. no veg.. no salads.. just meat and potatoes..

The only accompaniment?

A Greek yogurt herbed ‘dip’

Awesome! #fabulousfoods 

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  1. Wow, I’d go out of my mind contemplating feeding 45 people! These chops sound and look delicious! Happy Holidays Mr. Fitz!

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