It’s just the kinda weather for a couple of stews… beef Berber and Irish lamb.. 

Well isn’t this a really rather mild winter so far huh? ( ok I know I have probably just jinxed that!)… 

yet stews when the nights draw in are always a winner.. and the fact that our heating is not working properly means that stews are indeed the ticket.. 

and we have a had a couple recently! 

first up a Berber beef stew.. 

great bit of beef.. chopped up.. fried off with shallots, carrots, parsnips, spuds and some other bits.. I really cannot recall!

The key here is the Berber spices! Yummy doodle dandy…

Cooked low and slow of course 

Thick sticky and with a slice of bread smudged with unsalted french butter.. yes yes yes! 

So that’s stew one… 

stew two?

Classic lamb.. food from the ol’ country!

Diced lamb.. fried off.. small white onions .. carrots and red potatoes ( these will thicken the stew as they break down wonderfully!)..  .. chopped curly parsley some garden Rosemary.. and … the dashi.. a superb stock.. bang full of taste.. perhaps the addition of the dashi makes it not as ‘authentic’.. yet with that seaweedy addition it’s simply fabulous!

A squizzle of balsamic glaze sets this off perfect .. 

this kinda supper really is my happy foods.. 

Mrs Fitz perhaps not so much…. ah well! 

Stew.. x 

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