Using leftovers to make pretty suppers 

Just going through some older posts… this one I rather liked!

Cooking with Mr Fitz

turning leftovers into something new is really quite nice.. I think we all have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy using up the leftovers.. It makes you think too..

And this is what the leftovers from this:

Took the leftover fries and the rice and smushed it all getter with a couple of eggs..adding some cornflour to help..

Formed into ‘cakes’ and fried off ..

Great stuff!

A salady thingy made with just sliced tomatoes and onion.. Dressed with rice vinegar and salt and wrapped up to kinda meld the flavours together.

The chicken shredded and put in too of the cakes. and then raiding the condiments cupboard for a medley of bits! Balsamic glaze .. Miso and sesame.. Cholula .. and fresh Greek basil.. I just love that stuff!

Quite pretty don’t you think?

Not bad for leftovers right? 👐

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