Piri Piri spatchchuck , Piri corn rice and fajita fries

it’s an oldie but a goodie, a winner winner chicken dinner.. Just why does rice and corn go so well with chicken? Is it because chickens like to eat rice and corn?.. Hmmm…

The chicken is simple .. Just snip out the back bone, flip it squash it and then slash it up like a wild one..

Slathered in store bought good quality Piri Piri sauce.. Extra chilli flakes and more related condiments, (think cholula etc.. )

Left to get used to its new look .  Then cooked straight on the bars of the oven. At day u see each to catch Any drips.  We are not looking at starting any fires here right! 


Hacked into pieces and served up with fresh steamed white rice, jolly green giant corn, and more Piri sauce.. A different type from the ones used on the chocken .. A little coriander too.. 

And cheaty  fries.. Frozen fries left to defrosted.. Tumbled with fajita seasoning.. And cooked off.  A salad of fridge stuff.. Sweet romaine, Rudge cucumber, shredded carrot and some spring onion.. 


So simple so lovely.,. šŸ‘ 

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  1. Spatchchuck is a favorite but I would not be a fan of cleaning the grates!

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  1. Using leftovers to make pretty suppersĀ  – Cooking with Mr Fitz

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