Black eyed beans with red miso sauce , buttery mash, iberican chorizo and belly pork slices 

Mrs Fitz has been away for the weekend.. Which meant we were home alone.. It also means that cooking for one ( plus two hounds!).. Becomes a bit strange.. 

Yet I really needed a Valium hit.. One of those meals that just knocks you on your back.. 

This is perfect! 

Mama used to make me black eyed beans with miso and mash as a kid.. I reckon it saved me a number of times! She always added thahini to really jump up the nurtition.. 

Carrots and onions thinly sliced.. The red organic miso paste added in.. Water of course and boiled and pressed with the masher.. This would be wonderful on its own.. 

Yet even better with excessively buttered mash ..


The belly pork that was roasted the day before.. Yeah I freely admit that we snacked away on that all day! Reserved some slices for this though! 

It was roasted with thyme and salt.. And pressed down with the big French pan on top of it..


Oh it was mighty fine!!! 
Fried off.. Well heated up..


Into a bowl and shakes of balsamic and some fresh Greek basil..

 I honestly was not trying to be arty in any way.. I really did want just drops of the velvety super rich balsamic about the place..

This was a SUPERB number… and enough leftovers ( just about! for breakfast).. 👐🎯


Did I miss the tahini? Probably…  

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9 replies

  1. That looks AMAZING. Such an indulgent, deliciously filling dinner! Glad you made the most of your night ‘in the doghouse’ (literally, since your Mrs was away!). Great post 🙂

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  2. I’m trying the beans with the mash – sounds fabulous!

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  3. OH-MY-GOD (yes, I spelled it out)!

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  4. The finished dish looks really tasty and wow, you pimped up your presentation! Loving those fancy sqiggles of sauce on the edges and the artful scattering of chopped herbs. 😄

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