Sweet and sour Thai stylee pouisson with seasoned rice cubes and balsamic chips #poshfakeaway

every now and then Mrs Fitz has a real hankering for sweet and sour chicken.. It reminds her of her Mother Mary… And it has to be a jar of good ol’ Uncle Bens sauce.. ( although I did get a look of mistrust as I had bought the light version!).. 😏

Yet how to make this better? Well perhaps not better exactly more Mr Fitzed up perhaps? Well for starters lets spatchcock a pouisson .. 

Snipping out the back bone from this tiny bird .. Making a butter mix of Thai bits and butter.. Leveraging the skin away from the bird gently and smudging it with the butter.. 

Then starting it off in the iron pan before popping it into the oven to cook through.. 

The rice cubes made by stealing some of the hounds rice that was sticky from the rice cooker.. Wrapping it tight in cling wrap and fridging it.. Then seasoned with all these things!


They were just crisped and warmed in the pan .. And some chips of course! leftover steamed red potatoes chopped, fried in straight up Mrs Middletons and pimped with velvety balsamic.

The pouisson cooked and chopped .. Added to the half jar of the sweet and sour sauce.. and bubbled up..

Lastly a handful of Thai vegetable crisps from @waitrosefood they are my new ‘crunch’ thing! 👍

This was indeed a posh fakeaway indeed! A pouisson is just perfect for two people.. Or one real hungry one! The Thai butter really made it sing!


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