Macintyre charity sausage roll wheels, with apple sauce from scratch & stuffing

Mrs Fitz has asked if we can make up an offering for the Macintyre charity day thingy-mee-bobby that she has in the office tomorrow..

So what better than a kinda sausage roll .. Have made them before for her to take to work and they seem to go down pretty well.. 😊👐👏👍

So first the apple sauce.. 

Apples from next doors tree.. 


Chopped and peeled .. Star anise , cinnamon stick, Cyder vinegar , Bristol been pepper and sugar.. All boiled up..  And mushed with a spoon.. 

Added a little rhubarb for an extra sour note.. It’s really rather tasty.. 

Good Sausage meat defrosted from the top freezer.. And whizzed up with some extra herbs to pimp it a little further.. 

Store bought pastry.. 

Rolled out.. Sage and onion stuffing to start.. Then the sausage meat.. Then the apple sauce.. 

 Then rolled up..


Egg washed and cut up..

 And all cooked off in a pre hot oven..


I reckon they should be ok for Mrs Fitz’s work.. Am sure!  



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6 replies

  1. Wow, what a wonderful abundance and a great cause!

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  2. I think they are pretty smart asking Mrs Fitz to bring a contribution!

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  3. Yum lucky Mrs Fitz and her associates.

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