Pork, veg and rice.. Fast! 

Needed to cook this fast.. 

So pork shoulder chopped.. Inc rind and all… Into the uncle bens wok with a couple cloves of garlic.. Mixed veg.. Mrs middletons rapeseed oil.. And some brown basmati.. 

Cooked up on fierce heat.. 

Biscuits added.. 


Huh? Biscuits????


it’s the daaags dinner..  


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9 replies

  1. Very funny Mr Fitz! But how lovely for the hounds…

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  2. How awesome that your doggies get the benefit of your culinary expertise, Mr. Fitz! 🙂

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  3. The dogs must have felt special. 😀 I can see they enjoy their meal so much. Happy FF, Mr. Fritz. 🙂

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  4. OMG you are so sneaky. I saw fast and thought yep that is the dish for me. I saw rind and it was a loud yuk, then i saw the dogs!!! haha…Thank you for joining FF #68, remember when we hosted together? Oh what fun! Justine x

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