Beef spaghetti bolognese

Spag Bol.. 

That classic… Non-Italian I suppose.. Well perhaps its roots.. Yet everyone knows it.. And it has to be over meaty.. It just has to be! 

First the sauce.. 


Italian herb mix (so hang on! That means it must be eye-tal-eee-ann right?).. Smuggled from amsterdam .. 

Balsamic vinegar, sea salt, sugar , a can of Italian tomatoes.. (This really is becoming Italian huh? ✌️)..🇮🇹 And roasted red peppers .. And a squizzle of pimped Mrs middletons roscoff garlic oil .. 

The meat is red ticket beef mince.. With dried onions Worcestershire sauce , Bristol blend pepper , a crumbled stock cube and some panko crumbs.. 


Into little meatballs.. 

They will break up in the sauce.. No pre frying them..  

Popped into the sauce, onto the diffuser.. Lid on .. Blip blip away.. 


Decided it needed a couple other bits.. 

Bay from my grandfathers tree..

And a good shakeocini..  


See how that meat has broken up a  little .. It makes for a great texture thang! 

Served up extra meaty for Mrs Fitz..


And not so meaty part for me.. 

Served up with roasted garlic red ticket roasted garlic bread.. ( been in the top freezer since last September !  

Spag Bol… 

Like that weird clown…I’m loving it!  


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  1. Yummm. Mrs. Fitz is a gal after my own heart. Looks delish!

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