Leon chorizo & Jersey royals omelette

going through the fridge showed me.. 

That we don’t eat cherry yoghurt ( it’s gone way over date..).. And also that there is a stick of Leon chorizo needing eating.. Some Jersey royals and eggs that according to pack date went yesterday.. ( we all know that not to be true..).. 


Seems like an omelette then! 

Washing the dirt offa the Jersey royals then into a pan of reverse osmosis water (yeah really!).. Some French grey salt, a bay leaf from my grandfathers garden and some of the outer papery leaves/skin from the Patagonian purple garlic.. 


Frying the Leon chorizo off with some sliced organic Dutch red onion..  

Adding the beaten eggs which got a dusting of herbamare salt.. 


Cooked one side and flipped.. 


Then… TAAA-DAAA!!! 🎶📯


lovely.. 👌✌️👏👏👏 

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  1. Hell yes. How good does that chorizo oil look. I know that tasted good 👌

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