Aloo gobi with peas and breads 

when I was a kid aloo gobi was my favourite supper that my mama made. In fact it was my favourite food that her parents made too .. 

I don’t eat it enough at all anymore .. Really should .. 

So with a reduced ‘still fine’ cauliflower bought from the local store.. 


And some spuds ( already red ticketed !).. 

Chopped up.. 


The cauliflower into boiled salty water for a minute and a bit.. Taken out and kept to one side..

Potatoes into the pan, that has fenugreek leaves, curry leaves, mustard seeds, salt , turmeric, chilli and a little garam masala.. 


Some of the cauli water added to help it soften up.. 


That boils down.. Then adding the cauli back with some peas and I also like to add the better green bits of the cauli too..

And of course a squidge of ketchup..


All boiled down.. 


We had that with a great pork ‘vindaloo’ that Mrs Fitz cooked up ( that’s the next post!).. 

And of course flatbreads .. 

I had it for my lunch…


I gotta eat more aloo gobi … 

Gotta .. 

Oh and I suppose it’s vegan!!  

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10 replies

  1. That’s looks delicious! What’s happened to the like button on your blog?

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  2. Ooh that looks yummy, I will have to give it a try 🙂

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  3. I’ve never heard of this dish. I love remaking some childhood favorites. It just invokes great memories.

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