Turkishesque supper

not long till we go ‘a wanderin’ again.. This time to where (I am told!).. Madness meets insanity!! East meets west.. Istanbul!

So in order to prepare for the taste-full adventures we will be embarking on.. Let’s get some practice in?

Well this is probably not that authentic.. Yet seriously what is exactly authentic these days huh? 

Beginning with the meat.. 

Beef and pork mince.. (Ok bangs goes any chance of authentic right??😉 seasoned up with this great packet I got from the market..


All smushed up and water added.. 

Then ‘skewered’ onto the handle of a ladle.. Huh? Well it gives it the hole in the middle that is important for cooking! 


A bunch of them done.. 


They look pretty darn authentic to me! 

Now it would have been great to cook them on fire yet weather is really not permitting! So u Der the grill they went.. Turn away now if you have any sort of ocd.. They go straight in the bars.. 

Hmm what else? Ahh yup! 

A great marmonde tomato , simply salted and olive oiled.. 


Chimichurri of course .. Three weird cans of Turkish stuff.. Two being of aubergine descent and the other of a ghormet sabzi affair.. (One being particularly ‘snotty’.. ).. 


And the bread.. Delightful long stretchy lavash bread.. (That’s gotta be authentic!)., 


All served up with other bits too.. Pink onion and lettuce salad with lemon juice, Greek yoghurt with salt, lemon juice and garden chives.. 


Very nice sharing food indeedo.. 


Cheers!! ..(hmmm how do you say that in istanbulese I wonder!??)


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11 replies

  1. This looks great! I would love to have a bite of that right now 🙂
    I really enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster award, https://petra08.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/the-liebster-award-and-cake/

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  2. So jealous! Istanbul has been on my to-do-list for ages (small children who only eat pasta and ‘letters soup’ are currently hindering me on the fulfilment of this ambition …)

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  3. The food in Istanbul is outstanding. Breakfasts were feasts often with honey right from the hive still on its frame. Seek out Ottoman Imperial cuisine for authenticity. Street vendors and small mom and pop shops have the best kabob. Avoid bug tourist trap kabob restaurants. But you will NEVER find pork anywhere inTurkey!

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  4. You know I want this. Exactly how I like to eat!

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