aloo gobi

Gone all veggie like.. 

It’s a meatless supper.. Yup you read that right.. A meatless supper.. Not too sure why.. Just fancied it.. Starting with a cauliflower.. Chopped up and roasted in cumin , Mrs Middletons pimped up chilli oil, garam masala, a pinch… Read More ›

Indian food.. a thali!

‎Well.. still on an injun vibe.. Mrs Fitz off to Eire.. running about like a good un! So decided on a flourish myself.. ok.. hmmm.. right! Chicken saag.. as it’s so nice at the moment, this time added ‎some coconut… Read More ›

Injun food..

‎As a direct by-product of colonialism.. cooking Injun food should be pretty straight forward for me! Well it never has been for some reason.. and never have been a fan of eating it anywhere apart from with Mama! Guess that… Read More ›

Bangers! & Mash

Tonites supper? Bangers & Mash.. That classic, the not too sure what to order in the ‘gastro’ pub staple.. This way though? Wonderful free rangey porky sausages with onion marmalade, really does bring out the sweetness of the pork.. (Hate… Read More ›