Gone all veggie like.. 

It’s a meatless supper.. Yup you read that right.. A meatless supper..

Not too sure why.. Just fancied it..

Starting with a cauliflower.. Chopped up and roasted in cumin , Mrs Middletons pimped up chilli oil, garam masala, a pinch of asafoetida 

Reserving the better bits of the outer to boil up with the chopped potatoes..


A few bannana shallots fried up in a new ghee that Father sent over from amsterdam.. 

And some kitchin king spice .. A splash of water and the spuds, cauliflower bits and the roasted cauliflower all added..

That happily blip blips away.. 

In the meantime so bread made up with flour, warm water, mustard oil, salt and black onion seeds..


Rolled out and cooked on the iron flat pan.. 

Poppadoms as well of course!


With Punjabi pickle, mint sauce, coriander sauce, raita with podina and ridged cucumber, tomato and onion in red wine vinegar .. Tasty as a really tasty thing.. 


 Loved our meatless supper.. Mrs Fitz found it a little bland… Ah well.. She loved the poppadoms!! 

Normal service will resume shortly..  

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6 replies

  1. That’s a good way to go meatless my friend 👌

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  2. I think it looks delicious. I’m amazed on what a fabulous meal you made from a simple veggie like cauliflower.

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