More gyros kebab yiros doner !!

So here we are at Fiesta Friday 101.. wowsers what a journey! HUGE thanks to Angie over at for creating this wonderful weekly event.. that is now hosted here.. I was indeed the first ever guest at this worldwide gathering, and this post was the first post at the party.. i will be doing a 101 post yet thought it quite apt to re-blog the first ever post.. This occasion is also being co-hosted by Jhuls over at

A quick reminder of the politeness please! This is a message from the founder..
It’s FF101.

FF101. 101. It’s like back to basics, so to speak.

So, allow me to state a few basic requirements to attending Fiesta Friday.

No, I’m not laying down the law or anything like that. I’m just giving reminders. So, here goes:

Number One, it’s a LINK party. Which means you LINK your post to the host(s). It’s the polite thing to do. Remember the golden rule of Internet (or life)? PLAY NICE!

Number Two, it’s a link PARTY. Which means you mix and mingle, just as you would in any PARTY, a’ight?! You visit other bloggers as you get visited by others. You check out what they bring to the party, as they check out yours. In other words, you have fun. It’s a PARTY!

Number Three, Fiesta Friday is a c o m m u n i t y, base word COMMUNE. Which means you “talk and converse with each other intimately”. That’s what the definition of commune is, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. So, start a conversation, will you? I promise, you’ll be glad you do.

Fiesta Friday will only work and benefit everyone if you abide by the simple, straight-forward, easy to follow, friendly, non-binding but highly recommended rules and guidelines.

Plus, if you do, you’ll be considered for features and then you can grab the “I was Featured” button, which I hope, soon, I’ll have the chance to update or renew, put some sauce on, make pretty and all that jazz, so you’ll be proud to display on your blogs.

Okey, Doke?

Now, say hello to your FF 101 co-hosts, Jhuls and Mr Fitz. Jhuls is that sweet albeit hyper girl who made the vol au vents featured on The Best of FF100 (please check it out if you haven’t) and Fitz is the VERY first FF guest EVAH! So it’s only appropriate that he be the 101 co-host.

And now it’s time to partaaay!

Come and join Fiesta Friday #101! If you’re new to Fiesta Friday, please read the guidelines.

Looking forward to this special Fiesta Friday…

See you there…

Cooking with Mr Fitz

This has no become a bit of an obsession!!

And have started playing with recipes..

This time have done one with pure mutton.. Yet adding fresh ground garlic, coriander, chilli and of course some secret spices ..,

Another with lamb trim I have been collecting for a while .. Plus I got some ribs from my butcher pal and trimmed them up.. Me Wentworth and Cora Murley loved the soft bones indeed!!

And the last one a ‘straight ‘ regular Mr Fitz special.

All following the usual process.. Whizzed up into a paste with secret Mr Fitz spices and herbs..

Pressed into loaf tins baked at 180 for 3o minutes .. Turned out and baked again for another 30 mins

Wrapped up tight in aluminium foil.. And then into a towel.. A fluffy one..

Once cooled .. Run on the bacon slicer into lovely replica slithers ..

Delicious indeed x…

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12 replies

  1. So…will you be around for the FF200 series?:D

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  2. I almost wasn’t going to read this one but I’m so glad I did!!!!! I can’t believe you posted a recipe to make your own gyros! I truly wonder how they get that meat thing on the big skewer and how it holds together when vertical, but I do love it because although it’s technically not a burger or sausage, it is not straight up “chop” (as in steak, leg of lamb, etc) that I don’t like to eat much. I’ll eat short rib but not a chop gal. And I for sure eat gyros. I love the potato chips we get at some gyros places here, too, that use potatoes thickly sliced and fried in garbanzo flour . . chewy messy deliciousness. But back to you: thanks again for posting, and for hosting. And with that rhyme, I say bye!

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  3. Thank you for co-hosting FF#101, Mr. Fitz!

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  4. Thank you for co-hosting this week Mr Fitz!

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  5. Yeah, the first guest huh? That’s amazing! How wonderful that you’ve kept it going all this time. Kudos to you Mr. Fitz and thanks for co-hosting!

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  6. Thanks for co hosting Mr. Fitz and very cool that you were the first guest.

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