Spag bol – yeah spag bol

spagheeti bolognese.. 

This is not the red sauce from Bologna .. I have been there and had the ‘original’ .. And of course we have all had varients.. 

I actually quite like the excessive sweetness of that puppet dolmio family .. Yet this is not that.. Nor is it the gorgeous ragu that my attorney makes..

It is though rather fine indeed..

Starting with that holy trinity of onion ( shallots to be honest).. Celery , red Turkish pepper and carrots.. Fried off in pimped up Mrs Middletons home bottled chilli oil..

Then excellent prime cut beef added .. And a can of Italian toms.. Don’t bother with the chopped ones.. And fresh garden rosemary and some other dried numbers.. And a good pour of a thin balsamic.. 


That in true fashion needs to reduce down till its almost just meat.. 

The spaghetti boiled as per pack instructions.. Then a non dairy pesto added.. Umm why? Well .. Why the heck not.. 

 That would indeed be delicious just in its ownsome..

Yet with some chimichurri toasts ..


And sticking them up like rabbit ears..


Blinkin lovely  ( that’s Italian don’t you know!)., 
When’s your ummm bolognese day?!! 

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  1. I like that your holy trinity has four ingredients 😜👍

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  2. Great post:)) love the spag bolli rabbit X

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  3. Wait, so you mixed a kind of concentrated meatcentric bolognese with non dairy pesto? And then put it on chimichurri toasts? I don’t believe you, where are the pictures? Not that I wouldn’t eat it in a hot second. I just this moment packed the huzb lunch that mixed coarse artichoke pesto, olive/feta salad thing, lettuces, cherry toms, chopped sauteed cabbages, sauerkraut, sesame oil, vinegar and smoked salmon. He eats everything and especially likes mixing things that you normally don’t mix together.


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