Out with the old in with the new.. Happy ny16

A couple of suppers here.. Why? We’ll both too quick really to make a ‘regular’ post out of! 

First out with the old..

well this is kinda out with the old.. First some pulled pork hand foraged from the inside freezer.. Simply into wraps with the last of the chimichurri, done yoghurt and salady bits..

Lovely porkiness spiked up with done extra ketjap manis.. Yeah 👍

So that’s something old… Out… 

Something new? 

Chicken Piri Piri stylee.. 

Chicken thighs boned and slashed.. Into a mix of Piri sauce, 0 fat yoghurt , and chilli flakes.. 


After a while spent in a VSG in the fridge.. It goes straight on the bars of a hot hot oven..  If you have oven ocd look away now! 

Baked fast.. And then some Mexican rice courtesy of Uncle Ben..  

Vegetables or salad items need not apply here…. Ahem 😏 
Out with the old in with the new .. I suppose!

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  1. That made me a little hungry. I would take the old and the new… But right now I need to find myself some breakfast 😜


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