Pie and two way peas 

freezer foraging brought us a delicious steak and guineas pie.. It survived well in the freezer.. I did actually want to test how they froze for another one of my gooey eyed deers.. ( more on that soon!).. 

We know that the pie is excellent.. So it’s down to what goes with it.. 

Chips of course! 


Crinkle cut and soaked in a salt vinegar and water solution.. Then dried out on a tea towel.. Fried in straight up Mrs Middletons oil.. ( baked sweet potato fries for Mrs Fitz).. 

And the peas ..
Two ways.. 

First the ‘French’ peas.. A little chicken stock and carrot and shallot and lettuce.. Yup lettuce.. And canned French petit pois.. This fish is just so lovely.. I beg of you to try it.. It has to be with the canned pea though.. And don’t drain them either!


The other peas simply boiled from the freezer .. And buttered ..
And that’s it! 

Pie and peas.. Or should that be peas and pie? 

Either way it’s freakin fantastico!!!

Those French peas though.. Seriously !! 

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  1. I will have to try your pea recipes–they sound great!

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