Swedish Korva sausage for #fiestafriday 101

jaunted across country today to catch up with my good pal Ben at the redborne school farm.. A couple of reasons.. One to pick up excellent turkey legs he kept me from the ones he culled for Christmas .( thats the hounds , Mr Wentworth & Cora Murley happy a good while) ..

Yet also too make Swedish Korva sausages .. It’s a new sausage on me .. Seems to be very popular in Sweden ( that’s in the name I guess ahem..!).. Nordic food is really happening at the moment.. So let’s see what all that fuss is about!( as every time I have been out that way the food has not been the greatest I have to admit!).. 

These are a sausage made with beef, pork, potato and onion  .. And simple seasonings of salt, pepper and nutmeg.. I kept crying out for a pinch of coriander yet it was agreed that we stick to this recipe..

First thing is that there was a new toy to play with .. Check this great mixer!


The meat was passed through twice in the mincer along with the onions and potatoes ..

Then stuffed into hog casings.. 


These will be poached in casa Mr Fitz .. I think Ben is sous vide them and a possible smoke.. I think the smoke will really add to them.. 

Mine are poaching away..  


Post poach they are ready to eat! Or fry them a little to add a colour I guess? They smell like a cross between a meat and potato pie (they really do!) and a hotdoggy type thing.. Either way rather cool! 

So I have fried them .. 


They have a good texture.. An interesting flavour.. Sold on them?

 They go well with a beer I guess.. 

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20 replies

  1. Poached sausage? Glad you fried after!!

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  2. Shit. That is a good looking snag 👍. Not sold though??

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  3. Well they’re formed gorgeously . . . but I have to agree with you, needs more pimp. Spice/herb, etc. I’m not a huge fan of Scandinavian cuisine . . . the nutmeg throws me off with the meat usually. And sometimes quite bland . . . at least what I’ve tried. But really, these sausages do look so great, they just turned out perfectly shaped and they are bursting to the seams!

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  4. You Korva sausage came out beautifully! That machine sure make quick work of the task I would think.

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  5. Absolutely sold on them, Mr Fitz – they sound and look delicious! What a great meat mincer that is …

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  6. A friend told me that it’s a good idea to mince the onions with the meat, but this is my first time to see with potatoes. It sounds very good to me, Mr. Fritz & the sausages look so delicious and I love them fried, too. 🙂 Thank you for bringing another delicious dish at FF101. 🙂

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