Indian food.. a thali!

‎Well.. still on an injun vibe..

Mrs Fitz off to Eire.. running about like a good un!

So decided on a flourish myself.. ok.. hmmm.. right!

Chicken saag.. as it’s so nice at the moment, this time added ‎some coconut milk also.. hmm will it work.. heck what life without trying right? X

My Pal Walter is just back from France and had a bunch of green beans form his garden for me.. an another bunch of shallots.. nice!

So that calls for a green bean and potato number also.. different masala.. just to twist things up a little..

What else? Use up time! Went through fridge.. mushrooms.. ok turn them into a tandoori with lamb and peas dish.. quite sour with sumac and amchoor powder..

Baby corn.. given a ‘rogan’ treatment..

Broccoli.. tenderstem.. gone kasmiri on it..

And a good ‘ol aloo-gobi.. with extra trim from the leaves and fenugreek leaves.. oh and some coconut milk also..

The air was heavy with spice.. it’s hot today so Mr Fitz stripped to the waist with a pair of shorts on.. Mr Wentworth jumping in and out the french doors.. lots of smells must be driving his nozzle quite potty indeed!

A nice ‘thali’ though.. to be served with Bhatura and pilau rice.. all kept fresh in beautiful tiffin tins..

And at the same time this Injun thing is infectious.. Father mailed over also!! X

Leaving it to work it’s magic an I will eat tomorrow.. (ok.. maybe a piece in a while.. just a taster.. just to check.. )

Ok off to station!

Sorry for all the pics! X

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  1. Wow. It looks so delicious, I can almost smell and taste it. My taste buds are drooling. I am afraid I am just going to have another go with the courgettes, slicing them to 5mm, grilling them and marinading them in a raspberry balsamic vinegar and serve as a side to gammon steak and HG new pots.

    Jack M Taylor, Mob: 07860347052 Email: (Always reply to this email address)



  1. Best of 2013 – August | Cooking with Mr Fitz

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