chicken saag

Best Indian food

‎Mrs Fitz reckons I make the best injun food.. better than any take out round here.. x Which I must say is kinda true.. my Mama wrote a cookery book in the 80’s.. easy Indian vegetarian food.. and ‎I reckon… Read More ›

Those darn injuns!

‎We had the remainder of the Indian tonite.. The beef madras with green beans.. the chicken saag with spinach and fenugreek.. And Mrs Fitz *GOLD*.. rotis.. man they are preee-tea darn fine I tell ya x Wonderful supper.. x

Indian food.. a thali!

‎Well.. still on an injun vibe.. Mrs Fitz off to Eire.. running about like a good un! So decided on a flourish myself.. ok.. hmmm.. right! Chicken saag.. as it’s so nice at the moment, this time added ‎some coconut… Read More ›

Chicken saag two..

‎Had the rest of that chicken saag.. what ever happens when those flavors meld together overnite is just tremendous.. the taste gets better and more intense.. not like a ‘shock’ to the mouth, yet more rounded and deeper? Different flour….. Read More ›