Best Indian food

‎Mrs Fitz reckons I make the best injun food.. better than any take out round here.. x

Which I must say is kinda true.. my Mama wrote a cookery book in the 80’s.. easy Indian vegetarian food.. and ‎I reckon that’s kinda passed onto me.. and my mamas father? Two-daddy we called him. .. was not only a complete legend.. yet the most amazing cook.. his food was superb.. every day.. serious.. yet that’s another post.. x

Today.. discount chicken.. Mrs Fitz browned off a heap of it.. as well as slicing a whole bag of red onions.. softening in ghee.. adding garlic and ginger paste..

Then mixed up.. split into three dishes..

One with a gujarat paste‎.. and spinach.. another with tikka paste.. the last with brussel tops and heritage spuds.. with masala..

I got to admit.. blinkin delicious.. proper..

Served with pitta.. and a tremendous supper.. as Mrs Fitz said.. the best Indian food.. and of course.. in the Mr Fitz way.. we have a bunch left over..

Happy pre new years new years eve x passed by a neighbour also.. big santa!!

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