Eggplant/aubergine fritters & lavash bread with chicken saag

Went through the freezer yesterday to pull out couple of bits ready for this weeks cooking journeys for suppers lunches and occasional good breakfast!

Found some chicken saag that was made a while back in the chest freezers so that’s great thats supper sorted!! Simply de frosted and served with some wonderful Lavash Persian bread I love the lavash bread wafer thin yet stretchy perfect conduit for eating this kind of food it just works!!

And rolled up microwaved in the ping ping for les than one minute and you have the perfect warm fresh tasting lovely Persian bread.. Have put a lighter on the bread so you can understand the size if this wonderful bread .. Yummy doodle doo x

Been thinking about eggplant or aubergine as it is also called fritters for awhile found a box of Pakora mix in the spice cupboard it’s still in date! Yay!

so I salted the aubergine also coated in Lebonese herbs from a dried pack mix I have that is seriously good.. Like seriously! And coated them in the better before part shallow frying them and crisping them up in the oven

My goodness these were delicious!! crisp not greasy at all an absolutely wonderful they have to be eaten again, they have to be made again ..wowsers!! A cracking dish indeed. Served with wonderful chilli sauce ..

well if I could have them now I would.. Problem is I’m now out of eggplant . Humph x

This supper just worked .. crisp yet chewy and giving golden fritters pakoras bhajis however you want to call them also with the wonderful chicken Saagand that beautiful – Persian bread lavash.,

A supper of kings I tell ya!







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