Sunday lunch the roast beef

Do the French still call the English ‘roast beefs’ ( said with a grizzly French accent??) dunno.. Yet it has to be said that roast beef is a great Sunday supper..

And this a great bit of beef, sirloin in a joint.. Rather than already hacked into steaks.. Purchased at a discount of course! X

To cook it? Simples .. Some English mustard powder and salt rubbed over.. Into a oven at 250 degrees for twenty minutes then reduced down to 160 degrees for 19 minutes.. And that is it!! Wrapped in foil and snuggled into a fluffy towel leaving to rest for at least 30 minutes .. You will have the most perfect pinkish yet not ‘wobbly’ roast beef x

To go with? Roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding of course!!

Spuds? Peeled par-boiled and into hot mrs Middletons oil under the beef. These were great spuds.. Mirabelle variety .. Buttery tasting, I bet they make fantastic mash and will check that out for a cottage / shepherds pie later this week ..

Was a little worried aaa they seemed to have ‘caught’ a little , yet phew! They were fine..

The Yorkshire pudding.. Ok.. A packet.. Yet pimped with the addition if onion and garlic powders and herbs de Provence as a small nod to our French cousins..

Had a problem here though .. Packet asks for 200ml water and an egg .. No egg.. Thankfully we have great neighbours.. So a quick pop up the street and a swap of a bar of chocolate ( not necessary yet I thought a nice touch x ) for said egg..

Simply mixed up and into spanking hot mrs Middletons oil for 25 mins at 200 degrees .. Do not get tempted to open the door!!! Why a store bought packet when it is simple to make?? Just flour milk egg and that’s it really? We mad as this may read .. It’s more cost effective!! Sheesh!!

Mixed veg as the side dish to tick the boxes of healthy-ness .

A gravy of jus . HahahahHa

And fresh horseradish in sour cream

No fancy pants presentation here, it’s not that kinda supper today ..

Whilst getting dressed for supper…. ( not really !) there was a knock at the door , the egg donating neighbour ! Jan must have thought about the egg to bar of posh chocolate ratio .. Anyways they are retired bakers .. (Good to have close by..) and had a fresh apple pie for us!! So served with clotted cream honeycomb icecream. A pinch of cinnamon .. Ah wahh Lahhh

Supper .. DONE!!









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